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Birthdate:Sep 5
Location:Virginia, United States of America
Website:The Dragon's Cave
Eh, if you're that interested, you need to get a hobby.

Why are you still here? Oh, FINE. Head of an equine therapy program at a residential facility for kids, and fill-in part-time instructor at a local 2-year college. Building The Most Annoying House In Existence. Sometimes writer, sometimes crafty (quilting/sewing, painting, woodburning, etc), constant Pagan (but keep that one hush-hush, as it got me fired from my last job). I've recently discovered an affinity for (and minor talent in) bellydancing- I take classes through a local P&R facility with a lot of other (much more) talented women. Addicted to bookstores, Pocket Dragons, some television shows (that TPTB keep CANCELLING, dammit), and most musicals.

Standard disclaimer: Most of my journal is friends-only (and, some may say, rambling and depressing as hell). It's advisable for you to drop an email if you decide to add me, as I don't typically keep track of who is keeping track of me, and I'd hate for there to be any hard feelings.
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